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1 All temporary events are good news and all permanent events are bad news - Arvind 01-22-2017
2 sadness is vitamin to your soul as happiness is to your body... Dada Bhagwan 01-22-2017
3 You yourself are a God if you stop begging .. Dada Bhagwan 01-22-2017
4 If you know how to be a good pupil, you will be able to become a guru .. Dada Bhagwan 01-22-2017
5 Company that takes you away from the truth is a bad company .. Dada Bhagwan 01-22-2017
6 No one likes being insulted, but they feel brave in insulting others. Is this humanity? .. Dada Bhagwan 01-22-2017
7 Slow accomplishments and successes give you confidence whereas quick ones give you ego - Arvind 07-14-2017
8 In this age voice is your bonding with others so don't say a word about anyone without properly thinking first. - Dad Bhagwan 07-29-2017
9 Any occupation done with sincerity and morality will have abundant success _ Dada Bhagwan 07-29-2017
10 In this world only the greedy gets cheated. If you are not greedy even the God can not cheat you. - Dada Bhagwan 07-29-2017
11 Knowingly, letting someone cheat or betray you is a way to nirvana - Dada Bhagwan 07-29-2017
12 Ideal living in old age is of no use. Ideal living should be from the start of your life - Dada Bhargwan 07-29-2017
13 "I can't make a mistake" - no one can say that... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
14 You can beg for food or money but never for fame... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
15 Common sense means "Applicable everywhere"... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
16 Anything done that does not hurt someone is called progress... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
17 Good things go bad by saying adverse words same as bad things turn right by saying the right things... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
18 In this world there is give and take so we should give what will give us pleasure when it comes back to us... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
19 When we do a job with conviction it will definitely be done... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
20 Person who wishes or thinks happiness for others automatically receives it himself from the nature... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017
21 Any work done with dedication will surely be fruitful... Dada Bhagwan 08-22-2017