How to get some Gold

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How to get some gold


Raj was a young man, born to a rich land owner, nicely educated and happily married to a very smart girl. However, Raj was bored. He was waited upon all day and he did not do any work, as the family was rich to have all the comforts of life. He wanted to accumulate some gold. As a matter of fact he wanted three kilos of gold.

He consulted a few people and was told that even if he sold all the family land, he would not be able to get that much gold. His wife, Gita, suggested that they should visit their family guru and ask his advice.

The family and servants travelled to their guru's ashram. After a little rest and wash up they met up with their guru. Guru Ajmeranand who was old but very healthy - due to controlled food, yoga, and meditation - was also the guru for Raj's father and grandfather. He listened to him and asked him for some time. He said "stay for a few days in the Ashram, enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere and I will come up with some answer for you".

Guru Ajmeranand talked to all his family members and in a few days came up with a plan.

"Raj, for you to be able to make gold out of thin air, we need to have a particular juice. This juice is very difficult to collect. Furthermore, we need a lot of it", he said.

"Guruji, just tell me what it is and I will move earth and sky to get that, but I want to have three kilos of gold", replied Raj.

Guruji said, "ok, listen. You have a lot of land and your family farms have some of it with banana plants. However, your family has become rich and most of the farming is being neglected. I want you to start working in those farms, and collect the flowers from each banana plant. Press those flowers to get the juice out. Keep in mind, you can collect only the first two drops from each flower bunch".

Guruji continued, "Keep collecting that juice in any steel container and do not let it touch any other metal. I need thirty kilos of that juice to make three kilos of Gold ".

"Guruji that will take years to do", Raj complained.

"Well, if it was really easy, everyone would have gold. Besides, your life is set and you do not have any other work or worries. So what have you got to lose", Guruji said with a little smile.

 Raj figured that yes that was true and he would be happy to take on this project. He told his guru that he would personally work in the fields so that he gets the maximum output and there is no pollution in the collection of the juice.

After coming back home, he collected his family and friends and told them the good news. He said he was on his way to make three kilos of gold and that he would be tending to the fields from tomorrow morning.

Next day, he got his field workers and started working hard on his land. They cleared all the weeds off, toiled each and every square of available land and planted banana trees. He helped and supervised tending and watering the trees. He also had to get some wells drilled so that he could get enough water for the trees.

It took him twelve years to finally collect thirty kilos of the banana flower juice. In the meantime his family grew. His guruji came and visited him few times a year and he visited him a few times a year. Every time he was consoled by guruji that he was on the right track.

Then one fine day, he took his family, servants, and some friends to make the trip to guruji's place.

Once they all settled down, he brought four containers of his precious juice up to guruji.

"Guruji, here is thirty kilos of banana flower juice as you requested. Since, you have seen me collect all these years, you know that it has been collected exactly as you required it to be", Raj said with confidence.

Guruji made a signal for Gita to come closer to where they were sitting. Gita brought a servant with her who had a box with him.

Guruji said, "Raj you have done a fabulous job the last twelve years. You worked hard in the field and your family has watched you and helped you do the same. Because of all the hard work you and your family has grown strong, healthy, and wise. Your kids have done well in school and will be good people as you have been their role model. Your village has done well as you have provided them with constant work. Not only that, you also have made your three kilos of gold which is in the box beside you".

Raj opened the box and looked at the shinning gold pieces of all sizes. He was speechless for a while. When he was back in control of his wits, he said. "Guruji, what is this? How did this come by? I was hoping to see a miracle - to see this juice turn into gold".

Guruji said, "While you were taking care of the banana trees and the flower juice, you were ignoring the banana fruit. Gita, here, had been selling those bananas all over the region. There were many people who used to come to buy those bananas and resell them to the public. You have become the biggest banana grower in the country. Well this gold has come from selling those bananas, and that is the miracle". 

Moral(s) of the story is

Hard work always pays off. By product sometimes does better than the main product. It helps to have a smart and supporting spouse. Many times one track mind will reach the goal.

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