Planning Ahead

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Planning Ahead


Mike was not happy these days. He had inherited his grandparent's goat. So now every day he had to spend some time in the morning to look for food for the goat. The goat needed to eat fresh small branches, twigs, and leaves. Since all homes had some cows, goats, chickens, etc, it was hard to find grass, small trees around and he had to go to open land outside the village and find fresh fallen branches. The routine got to be very mundane and frustrating.

One day he met up with Sean, a smart friend of his, and was very happy to unload his daily cause of unhappiness. Sean was experienced in many ways and was also well travelled. He thought and said "Why don't you plant a tree for your goat. The tree should give enough food for it".

Mike implemented the idea the very next day. However, to his dismay, the goat ate the baby tree that he bought from the only, and expensive, nursery in the village. He tried a few other types of trees with the same end result.

He was then back to his old routine.

Few days later he came across Sean again. Sean asked "How are things, Mike? You look just as gloomy as last time".

Mike said. "You know, Sean I tried the idea of yours a few times and the bloody goat ate up all my trees. I am back to square one".

Sean consoled him "Look, you need to protect the tree for a while. Get another one, plant it in your yard and put some fence around it. Protect the tree from the goat. Keep getting food for the goat while the tree grows. One day you will be rewarded".

Mike complied. He planted a tree in his yard and put a fence around it. Every day, while still collecting branches and twigs for his goat, he kept anticipating the growth of his tree and moved on with his life. The goat could not get to his tree. After a while the tree did get big and then it started dropping enough leaves and twigs all day so the goat had enough food. The tree actually got big enough that he started selling some dropped brush to his neighbor for some money too.


Moral of the story is -

When starting in your life, work hard, spend less than you make. Then you can have your icing and the cake.



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