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Quick wit


Once in a King's court there was a jester. He was a practical joker and very good at it. He always got into trouble for making fun of people. One day he played a joke whose target was a senior court Official.

The Official, a vindictive minister, wanted blood. He asked the King to be stern and punish the jester with a death penalty.

The King liked the jester a lot and was very sure that he would escape again from this possible calamity. He agreed with the Minister. He told the jester that this time he had gone too far with his sense of humor and would have to be punished for it. He said "Jack, you have been sentenced to death; However, since you have made this court laugh so many times with your funny jokes and stories that I will let you choose the mode of your death".

The Jester looked around him with fear and said "O great King I have been honored to have been heard in this great court of yours from time to time. I am also very thankful for letting me choose the venue of my death. Will your court also fully agree with your verdict and not have a grudge with a dying man?".

The court agreed with sad nods, as they liked the jester and almost secretly hated the minister who was more times then less ridiculed by the jester.

"In that case, Sire, I would like to die of old age" sounded the jester.

Moral of the story - be in present and your wit may save your head.

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