The Priest and his Son

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The Priest and his Son

Once in a small kingdom, in India, there was a priest who was also a very good astrologer. He was living happily with his wife and working as the King's Official Astrologer. The King would ask him to read astrological charts of the important people in his kingdom and ask him to tell him their futures.

It happens that both the queen and the astrologer’s wife gave birth to sons. The Prince's charts were clear cut that he would rule as a King and have a long life and a large family of his own. The problem came when the priest made the charts for his son (The charts are made by calculating the time and place of the birth in relation to the planetary positions).

The Charts told him that his son would one day be a king too. He went over his calculations a hundred times to see if had made any errors but there were none. He was very perturbed and scared. Knowing the Prince would be King and his son would be king was a bit of a problem. He could not confide this info to anyone including his wife. He was afraid if the King found out about his Son's future, he would surely bring harm in his way.  

Since he had faith in his readings, he finally relaxed and was happy that his son would one day be a King and hopefully a good one too. Once coming to that realization, he started working hard on his son's education and upbringing.

Much to his dismay and frustration his son did not want to learn what he was being taught and was very adamant about doing things his own way. It came to the point that the father and son would constantly argue and not see eye to eye. However, the priest would consult the charts again and again to confirm that his son did indeed have a bright and prosperous future.

One day after his son was almost an adult, they had one more major argument. The priest said "if you want to live in my house, you have to do as I say". Upon this ultimatum, the son got his few clothing and left the house. This made the priest cool down and started pleading to his son to not leave and that everything would be ok.

The son did not stop and left the city.

The priest came running after him, but was stopped by Akashvani (God's voice).

"Priest you know that your son has Rajyog - means - that he will be a king - and you know that there is a King in your city. How do you think he will be one staying in your home?"

The priest understood and came back home. His son, because of his destiny, became a king in a distant kingdom.


Morals of the story.

Love and guide your kid(s) - but do not force your will on them - you both will be happy then.

Your destiny will require you to take actions - nothing happens sitting at home.

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