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Meeting God everyday

So you meet your niece's boyfriend for the first time but she tells you that you had met him once about 2 years ago. Two years ago you did not know that he will be your niece's boyfriend. Same way you may meet God at every corner of your life and you may not know. God comes in many ways and not the way people traditionally think of as a supreme power or an entity that has immense power to change your life. Any person who guides you, or gives you a good job, or save your life, or change your life for the better is God. In India (and possibly in many other old cultures), people compare their parents, doctors, teachers, gurus to God as they help them in real life for the betterment. 


Sometimes, the hand of Devil is dealt to you by some other people who don’t like you or are just plain nasty.


So how do you meet a god or a devil? That is done by the company you keep (they say that is how you are known). If you hang around people who are generally ‘God’ (good) to others, they will be good to you. If you hang around with people with bad habits you will do bad things and guess what will happen to you.


Therefore, normal people can live a good life by choosing good people around and following their actions.


15th century poet Kabir said -


Jo toko kanta buve, tahi tu buve phool
To ko phool ko phool hai, kanta ko tirsul

जो तोको कांटा बुवै, ताहि तू बुवै फूल..

तो को फूल को फूल है, काँटा को तिरसूल.

 Meaning:   Even if someone sows thorns for you, you sow flower for them. In the end your flowers will reap as flowers to you and he will get a trident.


This is done by nobler souls. They not only seek other good souls but also seek to comfort other souls who may have been bad due to circumstances. Modern day Saints – Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and many others are few of these saints who took this to the extreme.

Every Religion teaches that be good and God will be good to you. Spirituality further teaches that each particle is a part of that supreme consciousness and our goal is to merge our soul back with that consciousness. So we start doing good hoping good will happen back to us, however we later find that goodness becomes a habit and we feel happy seeing others happy.

Being happy is one of the heavens in this world

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