Update/Refresh your skills

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Update/Refresh your skills

Once upon a day there were farmers tilling their fields and there was an Akashvani (voice from the heavens). It stated that the clouds will not be raining in the area for the next 3 years. Hearing this the farmers went home and digested the new nature's strike. Collectively, they decided to move to the nearest large city and to find some employment for the next three years.  However, after a day or so one elderly man went back to the fields and continued with his plowing. He did not want to go to the city as farming was his only skill set and he thought he was too old to learn a new skill.

About half way thru the day one lonely cloud, moving lazily across the sky, looked at the sweating man and was puzzled. It stopped right above the farmer and asked him as to why he was working in the field as there will no rain and there will be no water for any kind of a crop.

The farmer replied "since, this is the only thing I know how to do, I am afraid that if I do not work for the next three years I will forget how to do farming. So after three years when you start raining again, I will become completely useless and will fall behind in getting my crops going". "I can handle a slump of three years but do not wish lose my skill set", he continued.

The cloud was amused and later when it met with other clouds it related the story to them.  One wise cloud got perturbed with this thought and said to others "You know, if we stop raining for three years we will also forget how to rain. So I think it is best that we keep our skills on check too".

Therefore, the clouds got their act together and started raining according to the season. The Elderly farmer was the only one who had a crop that year and he was able to inspire other farmers to come back too.


Moral of the story  

If you can't learn something new, practice what you know and be the best in it. You make your own destiny.

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