Thought always counts

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Once there were two roomates who were also very good friends. Mike was a religious guy and used to spend his free time at churches and places where he could help others. Whereas, John used to visit bars and games places in his free times. Both enjoyed a good life and eventually died. They found themselves in heaven and much to Mike's surprise he found himself sitting next to God, but was more surprised to find John sitting in God's lap. 

Seeing his astonished face, God asked him if there was a problem.

Mike said to him "God, I am very puzzled. I have done almost everything in my power to do good, pray, and spread your good name. John has been a good person and a very good friend. I get it that he has not done harm or bad things to anyone.Though he has not done anything bad in his life, I am really surprised to see that you are giving him more love than you are giving me".

God said "Mike, As you can see you are rewarded aptly for your steady, goodly manner of life. However, when you went to the church your thoughts were constantly for John and wondering how he was enjoying/wasting his life. On the other hand, when John was at the bar he was thinking of the pious life that you were leading. So effectively, you were thinking of the good times and he was thinking of me".


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